Futurestica is a blogging site created by the crew of average age 17.

Futurestica is a blogging site that focuses mainly on Writing, Blogging, Publishing, Business, Marketing & Advertising. Apart from this we also provide contents on Science, Motivation and Entrepreneurship.

We started it on 2015 as a science exclusive blog with the motto ‘Fabricating the Future’ and it has been expanding ever since. We also started the Transcendence Magazine as a part of this blog and its first issue was released on October 2016.

If you are an amateur writer, this is the perfect blog for you. Here we deal with all aspects from blogging, writing and its Publication. We also concentrate on marketing and advertising in depth. We also publish content related to creating publications such as eMagazines, eBooks, Podcasts and much more. Even if you have not yet started blogging or writing, don’t worry, we are here to get you a jumpstart!

This blog is managed by a crew of five members. They are the visionaries behind the great success of this ever-expanding venture.


So lets meet the Futurestica Crew:


Niranjanan (Writer and Designer)

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Hi friend,

I am Niranjanan from Kerala, India. I am 16 and am currently doing my higher secondary studies.

Two years back when I was still in high school I had this idea of starting a blog to tell to the world the wonders of science. I was always fascinated by the vastness of the universe and the mysteries that it holds within. I admit that I was a mad science enthusiast. I have send 4 papers (each after several months of work) to nature.com just to get all of them rejected that would well prove how how mad I am about science. Now I realize that those were all just rubbish, but however they were not completely useless.

At first, I and Deekshith started Futurestica as a science exclusive blog in the blogger platform. From there it grew rapidly, while we had about 5000+ views we migrated it to WordPress and finally last year we self-hosted it under the domain name futurestica.com. By this time, we had expanded its contents to more diverse like writing and blogging.

Talking about the crew, we have been together for a very long time but not as a working team, we were just friends.
We planned many other things together, right from when we were in high school. We planned to get into the publishing industry and publish journals and magazines and many other cool stuffs.

However, the idea of a blog was much recent. When I and Deekshith started this, we never taught it to be a big deal. We just took it very lightly, just like a hobby or something like that.

Recently this year, we decided to take blogging seriously. We wrote a book titled, “The Worlds Unknown”, which was about humanity’s search for extraterrestrial life. By that time were also publishing a monthly magazine named Transcendence, so just two of us can’t look after all these things. It was from there the Futurestica Crew was born. Now we are five, more powerful and influential than ever before 😊.


Deekshith (Writer and Blog Manager)

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Hi ,

I’m Deekshith currently doing my high secondary studies in Kerala, India.

It was a regular morning at school, wondering what to do next. I was not much curious in studies but was interested in science. So, I thought studying science at school will boost up my knowledge but that never got me higher. My passion towards science grows up and to do something crazy with electronics also stood up. Only planning happens but works become pending and become a matter of past. Moreover, I like paintings and had a passion in drawing.

Meanwhile, I met my friend Niranjanan eventhough he was my classmate we were not much close. We understand that both our passion was towards science so we both started a blog at blogspot and had almost 5000+ views but stopped in the middle. After some months we migrate it to WordPress and finally, self hosted it on blue host as futurestica.com. We started working on it a lot and released a monthly magazine and now authors of a book “The Worlds Unknown” a nonfiction book on the search for extraterrestrial life.

We thought the team is not enough, so gather out our friends, the crew members increased from 2 to 5. A new crew with these five members was born. It is now a family, more powerful than ever before.

Thank you 😊