Introducing ‘From The Theorist’, Series Starting From Next Friday

Here at Futurestica we are starting a new post and podcast series titled, ‘From The Theorist’. We have envisioned it as a science ultimatum, where we discuss the most interesting scientific theories like string theory, quantum gravity and even possible candidates for a theory of everything.



So join us on a journey to unravel the deep mysteries of the cosmos every Friday, here on

Coming up on the first episode: “Traveling Along A Light Beam” – Light is a highly mysterious phenomenon in nature. Its nature, composition and behavior have fascinated a large number of scientists including Albert Einstein. Light was the thing that inspired him to formulate two of the most important theories of all time, the special and general relativity. So let us see in detail the peculiarities of light which ultimately led to discoveries that reshaped the whole landscape of modern physics.

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