SEO Friendly Post Titles That Every Blogger Must Know

Post headings that would increase your site traffic.

Many of us take post headings as granted and write it as we like. But post headings is the force that drives readers into post content. Especially newbie bloggers doesn’t value the post heading. But be alarmed, post heading play a vital role in getting reader’s attention and increasing your site’s traffic. 80% of audience read content just because the title is so good.

Titles of blog post should be SEO friendly, relevant and unique. You should also follow some tactics in order to top the market competition beyond the market force. So futurestica is here to help you get assisted in deciding blog titles.


1. Accurate Post Title

The basic thing every blogger should understand first is that you should choose a blog post titles that reflects your post contents. It should be relevant and unique at the same time.


2. Ask a question

Readers generally use a question mark at the end or use questionable words like what, why, when etc. Therefore, question mark at the end of a blog title have a very good chance of attracting viewers. Using a question mark also provokes reader’s curiosity and compel them to visit the post content.


3. ”How to” titles


I mention this separately because this is one of the most searched questionable words and how to post usually gets you large number of visitors.

How to posts are always about finding a solution to a problem and therefore keeping ‘content is king’ in your mind, prepare a very good post that when people reach out on your post they get mesmerized and bookmark your blog.


4. Length

Length of post title plays a important role in attracting audience and promotion by search engines. Many bloggers doesn’t care or don’t have adequate knowledge about correct length of post title. They tend to write it too short or too long which results in their post being opted out by search engines. The title should be able to placed between the space provided by search engines in SERPs or any other. As per SEO guidelines it is better to write your title with 60-70 characters long that helps both peoples and search engines to understand it well and will be indexed by search engines more.


5. SEO Friendly


Many people think that SEO i.e., Search Engine Optimization doesn’t care about blog post titles. But NO! They do care, as i said earlier Blog post title plays an important role in generating traffic and SEO friendly title is tend to be promoted by search engines and is ranked higher up the order.


6. Adding Numerals in Title

Titles with numerals or numbers usually attract large audience with fast moving attitude. There are lot of readers who use numerals while searching something over Internet. Many Internet users are not interested in reading long paragraphs and hence expect things to be in shorter format with quality content.

• Using 7 best ways to titles are most popular and can increase your traffic.
• 10 best ways are also recommended in some titles to provide readers enough knowledge about particular topic.
• Using 101 ways are also handy as many people over Internet use that term to search. Its important to post them as bulletins and each one should be unique from one another or else readers will feel it clumsy.


7. “Best” titles


Readers all over Internet look for quality and valuable content and hence they always choose best content in the Internet. Therefore they use the word “Best” in most cases to get the best results hence its concluded that titles that contain best are most likely to be picked up and promoted by search engines. Titles with “Best” are surely guaranteed to give you a hike in your views.


8. “Most”

I don’t think that you may need definition for this. We have ourselves typed “Most important things to learn”, “Most visited places”, “Most beautiful actors”, etc in our day to day life many times. The word ‘most’ defines something which have used many times and readers over Internet need something which is approved by others as correct. Hence they tend to search things by adding a word “most” with it. If you want to increase your blog traffic, adding ‘most’ to your titles is an easy way.


9. “Easy way”


Did you notice ‘easy way’ in my last point? Yeah, you did. You also felt good right. Most people want to have easy solutions to their problems. No one type “tough way” frequently. “Easiest way to learn French” “Easiest route to Miami” are some example where people use the word easy.


10. Create several Titles

Yes. Didn’t you hear me? Create several titles for a single post and this way you can surely grab audience who are diversified into several sites. This is one of the smartest way through which you can increase your blog traffic.

I think you guys are wondering how to ? Don’t worry Futurestica is here. Try tweeting out different versions of your title, each with a link back to your post. This way you can grab huge audience. As they say using several titles also have several benefits i.e.,

• You can find which title is best by comparing views.
• You can use that title for future purposes.
• You can use that best title in places where only single title can be given.
• You can also edit the original title with best one.

The tactics never ends. In fact its just a beginning. Futurestica is on the way to provide you a Cheatsheet that gives you traffic – An Advanced free eBook guide on deciding post headings that increases site traffic that includes keyword researches, Search engine optimization tactics and other core technical tactics.

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If you have any other tips and suggestion then please comment below so that many bloggers get benefit from your advice.


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