The Technological Future Of Human Evolution

What makes us human? There was always a debate in arguing with the ancestry of the human species. The primary resource for detailing the path of human evolution will always be fossil specimens. One of the earliest defining human traits, bipedalism-the ability to walk on two legs, evolved over 4 million years ago.

It was the initial step that made humans different from the four legged species. Other important human characteristics  such as a large and complex brain, the ability to make and use tools, and the capacity for speaking languages developed more recently. Many advanced traits  including complex symbolic expression, art, and elaborate cultural diversity  emerged mainly during the past 100,000 years. These all means that evolution made us intelligent in the past.


We have been creating innovative ideas everytime. But as evolution is more a adaptation to our surroundings and because that humans have no significant predators here on this planet, are we still evolving as previously or have human beings stopped evolving? Although civilization hasn’t been around long enough to see any extraordinary changes, we can nonetheless expect to see some as time draws on. Sometimes, with evolution the role of humanity will get changed to more prominent species or to technology based cyborgs. However humanity with advanced technology  might reshape itself over time, taking over the role played by natural selection so far and even the role of hormones will be done by some kind of technology Sometimes human beings may be upgraded to more prominent species – transhumanism.

Whether genetically enhanced humans, bionic men, or uploaded beings, technology and its advancement is certainly shaping human development.

Human are getting smarter and smarter, for example when the environment shifted from forest to savannah, our ancestors needed to find new sources of food.  Most of them died, but a few survived who had a rare mutation that made them just a bit smarter,  they were willing to eat meat.  That meat helped to feed their brains. So it made us survive smarter than the other species.

In the future we would surely be surviving in other planets as a multi-planetary species. But why only humans? Why nature selects humans to be more intelligent? Is it because of our strength? We are the only primate that can throw things with high accuracy, especially at moving targets. No other primate has that ability. So the power and skill are the reasons that makes us different from other species. There are some theory that genetic capacity for intelligence is in decline because of a phenomenon called dysgenic mating.


Later on every natural selection could be made possible by technologies. Humans may eventually reach a point where they can force evolution upon themselves through the use of technology. Whether this is literal self-improvement via bionic organs for example, or through gene selection, which has prospective parents choose their child’s traits before birth, this is the most likely avenue human evolution will reach in the near future. But these are only prediction from our wild imagination. Sometimes these can happen in a more efficient way or do not. But no matter what happens, we know one thing for sure, technology has been very much linked to our species in the past years that by now it has became a part of human evolution.




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