Blogging Mistakes Made By Most Beginners And How To Avoid Them

Starting a blog is the easiest way to share your ideas and expertise with the world. Creating a blog of your own doesn’t mean it is complicated or expensive. In fact, more and more people are starting blogs every day. It seems that just about every person or business has a blog these days. But usually every beginner in blogging field make a lot of mistakes, here are some of most common mistakes made by the beginners.


1. Incomplete Website Management


I’ve seen many blog with nothing on screen. This creates a bad impression to the readers that visit your blog. It is probably the mistake made by beginners. Beginners frequently launch their website before it is ready. It is good actually but the problem is that the visited reader never visit again! When visitors click on a navigation link and are welcomed with incomplete pages with messages such as “To Be Updated”, it frustrates them. Doing so will alienate visitors and give the impression that you are not taking your website seriously.

There is also a similar case but not with content but with the themes. Reading online is harder on our eyes than reading traditional paper. Using a dark background with light text makes it even harder on your readers’ eyes. Choose a theme that attracts the readers the most and make sure that you never make them feel awkward by the theme. They will not show more potential in reading  it even if the content is good.


2. The Way You Display The Content

Try to make the content effective. What most people like is the content to be simple. A good content written in one full paragraph doesn’t​ mean that it improves the visitor, the problem is that the simplicity, what makes the visitors to stay in the content. Make it into paragraphs and include headers between the contents, it is indeed effective. Including points between content makes them clear about the idea that you displays. Every simple things that you misses worth a lot than the big ones. After writing your content edit it, a common problem for blogging beginners is that they do not edit their content, simply publishing without reviewing it. Readers usually wish to know about you, creating an about page means a lot to the visitors. Especially the about page is a great opportunity to tell people more about yourself and to give your blog a personal touch.


3. Blog Consistency


Blog more, the more you blog, more the traffic, more the subscribers and more customers. To get all this you need to blog continuously that is in week 5 to 6 posts, usually a beginners maintain this for one day and the coming days it decreases to three and to one and finally stops. And inconsistency could really confuse your subscribers. Use it to get into the habit of planning your blog post topics ahead of time, publishing consistently, and even scheduling posts in advance if you’re finding yourself having particularly productive week. Don’t make your readers feel bored in reading these words add images in between. Charts, infographics, and even clipart help break up your monotonous wall of words.  Add some quotes in between to motivate the readers.


4. Managing Analytics And Pop-ups

How do you know which one among your posts is more viewed by readers? Simple, use analytics data, without it you’re throwing pebbles in empty bowl. Install Google Analytics, it is fast and easy and will give you tons of insights; How people finds your blog, Which is the popular post among your other posts, How long people are staying in your site and many more.

Make a subscription pop up so that it helps the visitors to subscribe. So that audience can find it easy to find your newest and best stuff by mailing them, so that they don’t have to comb through an ocean of posts to find where is it.

These four arrangements in blog is missed by lots of startup bloggers. So make sure you don’t get into these mistakes anymore.

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