Never Let Your Design Be A Decoration: Things To Consider While Choosing Your Perfect WordPress Theme

For beginners choosing a theme would be an overwhelming task. You will keep on shifting from one theme to another just because in WordPress’s collection of thousands of themes, every theme seems to be better than the other.

But it never means that choosing your perfect theme is such a mammoth task. There are lots of good themes out there at but each are designed for some specific purposes. As we can create almost all sorts of websites using WordPress, it contains themes for all of them.

So, here is the steps that would help you to pick out that theme, which is perfectly made for you site from this collection of thousands.


Step 1: Have a clear idea of your website’s content


No matter what type of website you are planning to make, it should be focused on the content and not on something else.

So the theme you choose for your blog mainly depend on its content. If it’s an usual blog, it would require a theme that mainly focuses on readability. While a photography site would require one that would support many images and galleries.

Therefore, it is very important to have a clear view of your site’s content before you go hunting for your perfect theme.


Step 2: Searching for your theme

Once you have a perfect idea of your content. It’s time to search for a theme that clearly fits your needs.

You can either use the theme search in your WordPress dashboard network admin section (Appearance > Themes > Add New) or you can search in You even get it from anywhere on the internet. If you are getting the theme from outside you will have to download a .zip file of it and upload it to your site (go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload).

If you are searching from your WordPress dashboard be sure that you make use of the search filters to pick out the theme that perfectly fits your purpose.


Step 3: Make sure it’s responsive


The first and the foremost thing to check while selecting a theme is whether it is responsive or not.

A responsive theme shows a clean layout in both PCs and other handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets.

Most of the theme makers show this on their site as it is one of the most important thing inquired by customers. Otherwise you can just open the theme’s preview in you mobile or tablet to see whether it displays correctly. You can also open it on your browser and shrink the size of the window if the web page’s size also change with it then we can confirm that the page is responsive.

Most of the themes in the wordpress directory are responsive but still there are theme makers who sell fixed width layouts.


Step 4: Make sure it’s SEO friendly

SEO friendliness is another core feature of a good theme. Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score is the one which determines you ranking in search engines around the web.

Most theme makers would remark their theme’s SEO friendliness on their site. However, if it is not mentioned you can better contact the theme’s customer support and inquire about it.

You can also use tools like W3C Markup Validation service to check whether your site (with the chosen theme activated) generates proper HTML5 which is a key for good SEO scores.


Step 5: Check for ratings, features and customer services

This is something that we check for while buying any sort of products. You have to check that while choosing a theme too.

Most developers would show you very flashy, colourful and attractive demos. Most of these demos attract us not because of the theme’s design but because of the attractive banners and photos shown in the content area of the demo.

Always keep in mind that you are going to buy just the theme. So concentrate more on the widget areas, menus and sliders in the theme rather that those beautiful photographs and the lots of lorem ipsum in the content.

Before buying the theme make sure you check the ratings and the amount of customer service offered by the seller. Most of the paid themes and some of the free ones offer 1 year of complete customer assist via email.


Step 6: Check the customization options

You can check the theme’s flexibility in customization by uploading or installing it from you wordpress admin [Appearance > Theme] area and then without activating it go to [Appearance > Customize], you will reach the wordpress theme customizer, where you can change your current and preview other installed themes.

Note that your themes wont be changed untill you click the save and publish button on the left side top of the theme customizer.

You can preview new themes with your site’s contents in the customizer. It is recommended that you activate a theme after previewing in the customizer rather than directly clicking ‘activate theme’ after installing, by doing this you make sure your theme fits well for your content.

The main thing to check while previewing a theme is the customization options on the left hand sidebar of the customizer, take a clear note of those features and compare them with that of other themes before finalizing.
After doing all these six steps you can confirm your theme and install it before proceeding to the seventh step.


Step 7: Put it to some tests


These tests are to be performed after installing your preferred theme.

Here we mention 3 tests, mainly to check your theme’s responsiveness, loading speed and SEO friendliness. Do these tests one by one after your theme is installed.


1. Test for responsiveness

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test: This test confirms that your theme is responsive and has a good display and layout in both PCs, mobiles and other handheld devices

Click here to test


2. Test for proper loading speeds

Google Page Speed Insights: This test will provide you with the full data regarding how your page loads and how fast it does. Based on the speed, Google will give you a green, yellow or red flag. In it green and yellow are good but if you get red then it means that you theme requires some consideration.

Click here to test


3. Test for SEO friendliness

W3C Markup Validation: This test was mentioned before in this post. But again, this is a test to confirm that your website (with the preferred theme activated) is providing proper HTML 5, which is a very important factor in determining your rankings in search engines.

Click here to test

Note: All these tests will show a lot of warnings. Unless you don’t get a red flag these warnings are ok. All themes would have some minute flaws. There is nothing such as a fully perfect wordpress theme 😁.
Hope you liked our steps for choosing the perfect WordPress theme. If you find it useful, please share it with your friends so that it would be useful for them too.

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