You Are Not In A Stand-Alone Island: The Key Towards Building A Dedicated Community

On the last post we discussed how to overcome most of the commonly occurring hosting problems with tools from both your hosting provider and from, we kept the part of making a community for later because it is a very large topic and cannot be explained as a small part of a post.

So, in this post I am going to explain how to create your own dedicated online community.

A community can be made in many places and in many ways. It might be a Facebook group, an interactive email list of dedicated readers or even a hosted social site created by yourself.

To attract a dedicated community you will need some key things. It includes things like how you write your content or how you engage with your readers. So, let us take a look at them one by one.

1. Build your reputation

For anything you do on the Internet you will need an audience, people who trusts you and sees your content as valuable. Building that trust is hard and takes time but it’s never impossible. The first thing to do for that is to give quality content to your readers and make them realize that your work is worth the time that they spend reading it. In every article you write, make sure you give something useful for your readers. This will make them return for more, thereby rising your reputation as a quality blogger.

2. Make sure your community is lively


Your community should not be like a passive audience. They should be able to interact and respond with your ideas and should have the power to trigger numerous discussions from it.

You can first start your community as a dedicated email list where you could encourage your readers to actively reply to the emails you send. Don’t send the copy of your each and every post to your subscribers instead set aside some time to prepare a perfect email on some topic just like you prepare your blog posts and send them regularly like once every week (or two weeks but don’t go beyond that). Trust me, the reward you get from it would definitely be worth the time.

3. Give them something to interact with

You should always keep this thing in your mind while your prepare the emails for your subscribers – It is not a place for you to show your skills (I know you have a lot of them, show them in your blog posts instead 😊), it’s a place for your readers to show up with what they have got. Mainly focus on that reason other things like product marketing can be done but don’t make it your core objective, it will make your readers see you as a reckless advertiser.

Also, don’t hesitate openly asking your readers to share your content. Every site has social share buttons and it is likely for most of us to not care about such common things, only a little among us would remember about sharing while reading an article. It’s not because people don’t like sharing, it’s because they don’t simply remember. So mention it and you will find the results.

4. Lift them up


Everyone has a busy schedule and if you want them to spare a part of their precious time to spend in your community it would surely need something that could help them to develop.

Take Jeff Goins’ Tribe Writers community for example. It helps its members to make a blog, write a book and even helps them in the publishing and marketing part. So if you want your readers to hang out in your community make sure they get some benefit out of it. If it’s just a place where people can share and interact they would rather choose Facebook or Twitter instead.

So make sure that you always have something in the community that could help its members get to the next level.

5. Make yourself a source available

You can’t just create a community and let it go on its own. You must constantly be there for your readers, you must help them to solve their problems in whatever field you are dealing with (it could be blogging, publishing, marketing, health & lifestyle etc). Make others see you as an expert and let them be confident in you for finding the solution, that’s when they start to built trust in you.

People who have trust in you would be ready to spent their time and money on your products and thereby this process would ultimately result in more sales. So, you would finally get rewarded for all the help you have done to your readers but never do the work with only the taught of money in your head, do it sincerely that’s the only way to make yourself more trustable.

6. Try to make more one on one connections


This is same for everyone even if you are just a beginner or an established star blogger. The more connections you make the more popular you become. Your readers should feel that you care for them and is willing to help them out.

If possible try conducting some events offline. Such gathering offer great possibilities for one on one interaction. That’s the exact reason why we don’t see any big bloggers or entrepreneurs who don’t conduct such events.

7. Make sure that the users knows your uniqueness

Always keep in mind to not talk about your community as just a community, make it something more special. Everyone has something unique to offer, what do you have? If you still don’t have anything special then go make something special. I won’t say that it would be easy, but it comes automatically to everyone once they start working on their ideas.

While you talk about your community in any social media or in your blog always remember to mention that special thing that would attract in more people into the network.

8. Finally, it takes time

If you have done all of the above things then the next step is to keep doing them again and again, after all it takes consistency to succeed in anything. So keep doing them and one day you will be among those star blogger who you admire today.

So what are you still waiting for? Go, get started.

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Happy Blogging 😊,
Futurestica Crew

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