4 Reasons Why Every Bloggers Must Have A Mail List

Blogging is not just a say and listen process. It is a two-way conversation. Therefore, just you telling something is not enough. There should be a mechanism to enable your readers to get involved in the buzz, which gets triggered by what you have already said.

Most of us are of the view that no one cares about emails anymore. It is true that we all will be having thousands of unread emails in our inboxes but the art of email marketing has never lost its glory.

An email sent at the right time the right way could work out some incredible things which clearly proves that emails are always worth the time and effort.

So, here are the four advantages of using a mail list:

1. Makes your readers more engaged with your blog

By maintaining a mail list, you can keep your readers updated with your blog’s contents even if they do not visit your website regularly. If you don’t have a mail list chances are that those readers will easily forget about your site (at least they would visit less frequently thereby missing a large part of your content). If you have a mail list, you can sent your most important contents as a email therefore giving your readers a chance to glimpse into your headings (in the email subject) and if they are interested they will visit your site to get more.

So if you regularly create interesting content, a mail list makes sure that it does not go unnoticed.

2. Grow an interactive community of dedicated readers

While sending a mail, ask openly for replies. Through this, you can give your readers to a more active role in the blogging process. Moreover, you can shrink the gap between you and your audience thereby making them more comfortable in the zone. It also builds trust in the minds of the audience. As the trust grows, their willingness to invest in your products and the attention they pay to your content also increases with it.

Therefore, if you are if you put a little effort into you mail list it will give you a community of dedicated readers or a ‘tribe’ as bloggers like Seth Godin and Jeff Goins calls it.

3. Get greater attention for your most important content

Writing epic content is hard and for most of us, it only happens occasionally. Therefore, it would always be something that we would crave to show others. However, with just a blog we can only get it to only a small number of readers. They would have either stumbled upon it from search engines or social networks or would be the ones the ones who you have reached through other offline means and rarely they would be the ones who are so dedicated to your content that they visit your blog pretty frequently (if you have a bunch of them, then well done! You are already ahead of the game!). However, such readers are very rare, so rare that most of us never find such people anymore.

Having a mail list would make the job of promoting your epic contents easier. If you have already built a dedicated readership with your mail list then it will take just an email with the content and a request encouraging them to share to get your post the blockbuster fame.

4. Make your product marketing more effective

More dedicated readers means nothing other than the growing level of trust between the author and the reader. Therefore, a small group of dedicated subscribers is one of most powerful online marketing tool. You won’t need millions of subscribers, just a small mail list with about 500-1000 dedicated readers is more than enough. With such a list you can easily earn $800 – $1000 on each sale.

Therefore, a dedicated readership is one of the most important tools for bloggers and marketers alike and the perfect tool for building it is undoubtedly a mail list.

These four points are just some of the many advantages of creating a mail list, but that would be enough to clearly establish its immense importance in the blogging industry.


Creating a mail list

Creating mail lists has become simpler than ever with the ever-growing list of easy to use mailing tools. There are many such tools like Aweber, Feedburner and Mailchimp. Among them, I would suggest Mailchimp because with it we can design different types of newsletter templates ranging from plain text to very attractive ones with pictures, buttons, icons, headers and footers and other decorative stuff.

Working with Mailchimp is very easy. You can really go through it without any guides if you are a bit experienced with the technical parts. However, if you want to go pro you would need a guide. Don’t worry the experts at Mailchimp have created ones which you can download as a PDF here.

Moreover, the most interesting part with it is that it is completely free if you have less than 2000 subscribers. Therefore, it is the best choice for beginners.

So, that’s all and the next is to get started!

Happy blogging,
Futurestica Crew.

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