Starting Early: Blogging Guide for All Beginners

Everybody at the beginning is afraid to stand up and move forward or starting up something extremely new. Even I was a beginner one time. Now I have a decent blog and have published an eBook “The Worlds Unknown”. It was started by me and my friend some years back but failed in making traffic. It was a whole lot failure but it didn’t stop us from improving. Working everyday will pay you with a fortune. Every late nights and early mornings will one day pay off if you are consistent on your work.

So lets see a few steps that could take you towards that consistency:

1. What to do? Choose a Wise Work

If you are engaged in writing create a blog on WordPress or Blogger and self host it in Bluehost or Godaddy (self hosting is recommended but not necessary) to get started. Making a good platform where people can cope up with you and share their thoughts is the kind of success you can get from your blog. No matter what you do it should help your reader in some way or other. While publishing make sure of the topic, get a good topic and focus on it and surround it with audience who respond in sudden and expand it to others who has heard of this. Make yourself an audience centre.

Make yourself public, it’s a way by which you can get traffic and share what you know. Making a relationship with people having the same vision is also a good idea.

2. Put Your Best In Work

Show up everyday to your audience and publish a work everytime when you shows up. It doesn’t mean that you should work every time, work until you complete your day’s work. Bring up all you got to your audience and leave nothing on the table. See what other great bloggers learn from them but never try to replicate what they have already done. Keep in mind that you are always unique. Make note of their work, habits, relationship, planning, the way they make audiences and many more.
You should have a platform where the audience can ask questions, they can’t just sit there and listen to everything you say. You should make up your ability to form a leadership, then you can provide a forum where people can raise their voice and put out their opinions.

3. Write For The Noise

It is not for yourself anymore save it for the audience also. You need to learn to write for your audience. Blogging is a copywriting platform, it should resemble your love of writing. Think your every step for the audience while writing on your blog to to make them satisfied by reading it. The world needs fewer fakers and more people being true to themselves. You should be a part of that. You should do it for the people, like a musician who directs music for the people or a player who shows his skill for the loud noise. So mark on the visiting viewers while publishing a post.


4. Write A Motivating Speech

People usually visit a blog if it has some contents that interest them. They need a way to succeed or a path that vanishes their questions. We all get inspired by some speech or by some quotes, make sure you include one among your article to motivate the reader (at times you can also include the inspiring stories of legends). If necessary start with a quote at the beginning (either written or a picture with a quote).

5. Make Sure Your Content Is Attractive

Readers never know who you are or what you are. If they are your friends they will read your article at any cause. This is not the case of the outsiders they read only when your content is good. Make it more attractive, it doesn’t matter whether the article is short or long. It is the way you handle the content that matters a lot because it is the initial step that makes a reader to read the article.

6. Write The Truth

Stop trying to be like one who you admire the most and make out your own unique abilities in writing an article. It should be a true article because it is read by many people. So they trust you the most if they are your followers. It is hard to earn trust, so once you get it make sure you never lose it.

7.  It Takes Time

Don’t measure the stats early after every post. It takes time to get your voice heard in the noise so be patient. Jeff Goins’ is a blog on blogging and writing. He write books and help writers get their work out into the world. He is the best-selling author of four books, including a bestseller, ‘The Art of Work’. It took him some years before he got into his current position as a writer.

8. Admit Your Mistakes To The Readers

Generally people write too much or too less, 300 to 1000 words is enough for you to get heard. Only focus on your style of writing then it doesn’t mean how much you write, only matters the lined crowd of subscribers. Make sure you admit your mistakes when you put on a topic in blog. If article is wrong, correct it by their advice and include the corrected words and write the post. Sometimes it could help you to get the audience you desire.

I believe you like the 8 tips for blogging, sometimes you probably have your own tips make it count, so add it in comments section of this post. As you know we would always like to keep the conversation running.

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