5 Key Characteristics That Distinguishes A Successful Entrepreneur From An Ordinary Person

When you look around you see peoples sharing same customs of life. They earn a graduation, work for a living and just live their lives. This is the path followed by most of the people (great job, if you are not one of them!). They never had the guts to try things out for themselves.


And that’s where an entrepreneur stands apart.


The world consists of mainly two types of people,

• Winners who achieved the impossible and
• Losers who limited their imagination.
What describes an entrepreneur is not winning or losing. Instead, it is the passion that they show towards their work.


About 90℅ of the people in this world are attracted to the inner side of the box and never wish to jump out of it to explore, they never think out of the box. This is what distinguishes an entrepreneur from an employee.


Often what separates normal people from successful entrepreneurs is not luck or necessarily talent, but the way they think. What enables one person to build wealth and limits another person to a middle class lifestyle often boils down to their views, perceptions, and the way they order things and plans in their minds.


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Usually most of the entrepreneur’s share a common culture, which can be explained by these five key factors,


1. Self starter

Every big entrepreneur had a small beginning in his or her life. However, truly passionate people never look back at the threats, but only on their vision. Is there something that you can work on repeatedly, without getting bored? That’s the right place where you can be successful.

In reality, however, planning for everything and having a ready solution for all possible risks may prevent you from even taking the first step. Not every attempt will result in a success. The failure rates of entrepreneurial ventures are very high. The main problem as a self-starter is that if any problem come in the way, only he can see it nobody else.


2. Confidence

Entrepreneurs does not ask questions about whether they can succeed or whether they are worthy of success. Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group once said, “If somebody asks you to do something never say no, if you don’t know how to do it, always say yes and find a way to do it”. Entrepreneurs enjoy what they do. They believe in themselves and are confident and dedicated to their project.


3. Disciplined

They focus on making their businesses work, and eliminate any distractions to their goals. Most of the successful entrepreneurs work every day to accomplish their objectives and puts forward many new visions. As an entrepreneur, you need the discipline to work regardless of other external intrusions.


4. Competitive

Unless your business concept is completely unique, you are likely to face a hell lot of competition in your chosen field. You must have the competitive spirit to beat the other competitors, much like an athlete who attempts to defeat his opponent.

Every time the ones who come up with unique ideas grab up the chair of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs realize that every event and situation is a opportunity to step up.


5. Creativity

Entrepreneurs often come up with solutions that are the synthesis of other items. They will re-purpose products, to market them on new industries.


This is how the 10℅ of the creative people work to give jobs for the rest 90℅.


People who work to revolutionize the world would have an extra strategy to cope up with the impossible achievements. They work all their 90℅ and leave the rest 10℅ for later/for others. It is just the opposite with the others who working at the same rate but the outcomes or the impact that their work produces is just around 10% of what is mentioned above.


Every person is capable of thinking out of the box. You should live for two reasons, one is that you were born and the other is that you haven’t died yet.


When Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple Computers) woke up every morning at six and looked at the mirror, he thinks that this is his last day and he should do what he can. Do something fearful every day, it is the best way to gain self-confidence.


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