Ever Taught Whether We Are Alone In This Universe? Then Go Check Out Our New Book




It does not matter whether you are interested in space science or not but you would have probably wondered about this age-old question at some point of your life,


This book is about the past present and future of humanity’s exploration of space, written in a way mainly to focus on the above question. It gives hope for our near future on space, by listing the four most probable places inside the solar system that could support life and are currently within our technical reach. The book also explains in detail some of the future missions to these alien worlds and their possible outcomes while not avoiding the breakthrough findings of our previous mission that has observed these worlds up close.

It is interesting that all three out of the four alien worlds in the list are in fact not planets but the moons of the gas giants, mainly Jupiter and Saturn. While considering the moons many questions arise in our minds as if, how can they maintain the temperature required for life while staying so far away from the sun? Or like, where does such beings get energy in the absence of any sunlight?

Join us as we tackle the mind-blowing answers for such mysterious questions and figure out the most realistic speculations put forward by some of the leading scientists in the fields of astrobiology and planetary sciences.

Some of these places hold great chances for the existence of habitable environments. Nevertheless, it does not matter whether the aliens we are going to find out there are underwater giants or just some extremophilic bacteria, anyway it will prove that the sprouts of life are not just exclusive to Earth but spread out through the cosmos.

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